Cutty Sark- 750ml
Cutty Sark- 750ml

Cutty Sark- 750ml

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Volume: 750ML

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Cutty Sark is a premium blended Scotch whisky, first produced in 1923. Named for the clipper ship that sailed around the world in record time, Cutty Sark is a light and smooth whisky with fruity, honey, and lemon notes. The whisky is crafted from malted barley, grain whisky, and select malt whiskies from Scotland. Its blends are created to preserve the whisky's distinct character, with each batch bringing together whiskies of various ages and distilleries. Cutty Sark is then aged for a minimum of three years in oak casks. Cutty Sark's distinctive flavor and mild nature allows it to be enjoyed neat or as part of a range of drinks. Its lightness and smoothness make it ideal for whiskey sours, Highballs, and other cocktails. Cutty Sark can also be used for cooking to add depth and complex flavors to a wide variety of dishes. Cutty Sark is typically bottled in 750 ml bottles and is sold widely across the world. For those looking for a smooth and easy drinking whisky, Cutty Sark offers an ideal choice.

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