Cutty Sark Prohibition- 750ml
Cutty Sark Prohibition- 750ml

Cutty Sark Prohibition- 750ml

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Volume: 750ML

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The Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition is an exquisite blend of classic Scotch whisky and rarer, older malt whiskies that are carefully selected from some of the finest Scotch whisky distilleries. This blend has been aged for a minimum of eight and a half years, bringing forth the perfect balance between smoothness, flavour, and character. The 750ml bottle of Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition is a unique and sophisticated statement in Scotch whisky. This rich and well-rounded blend is produced using malted barley, and contains a blend of 18 malts and grains. The smooth balance of flavour it delivers comes from an uninterrupted cask maturation, which preserves the unique flavours derived from each component whisky. The whisky’s colour is a deep walnut with hues of goldenrod, and the nose offers a smoky spiciness, followed by traces of honey, citrus fruits, vanilla, and bitter herbs. On the palate, there is a rich and long-lasting sweetness, with some nutty flavoring as well as a hint of smoke. The rich-bodied taste of the Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition creates a complex and satisfying whisky experience.

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