Czechvar Beer
Czechvar Beer

Czechvar Beer

CODE: 707507
Volume: 6*330mL

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Czechvar Beer is a pale lager brewed by B. Beer in the Czech Republic. The beer is best known for its refreshing, clean taste, complex flavor, and light color. It has a subtle earthy aroma with a hint of malt and hops in the finish. The ABV of Czechvar Beer is 5.0%. Czechvar Beer has been around since 1895 and has been enjoyed by generations of Czechs. It is known for its high quality brewing process which has been preserved over the years. Czechvar Beer is brewed with high quality ingredients and is fermented for at least one month to achieve its unique flavor. Czechvar Beer is a pale lager that is very drinkable, yet still offers a full and complex flavor. It is a very light-bodied beer with a light, slightly sweet finish. The combination of clean maltiness and subtle hop flavor make it an ideal accompaniment to savory or sweet dishes. The refreshing taste of Czechvar Beer makes it perfect for enjoying with friends or on a relaxing summer evening.

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