D'usse Vsop
D'usse Vsop

D'usse Vsop

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Volume: 750ML

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D'USSE VSOP is an ultra-premium cognac from the house of Cognac Ferrand. It is made from carefully selected eaux-de-vie that have been aged up to eight years. This blend of aged cognacs results in a smooth yet complex flavor profile with notes of toasted oak, dark chocolate, dried fruits, and musk. D'USSE VSOP is a perfect choice for sipping straight or in a crafty cocktail. It is a versatile and sophisticated addition to any bar or liquor shelf. D'USSE VSOP is one of the most highly rated among connoisseurs, winning multiple awards from both “Spirited” and “Cognac Academy.” With its smooth finish and complex flavor profile, D'USSE VSOP Cognac is an excellent choice for the sophisticated connoisseur.

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