Dbtd Premium Rum Tasting Set
Dbtd Premium Rum Tasting Set

Dbtd Premium Rum Tasting Set

CODE: 876980
Volume: 5X30ML

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DBTD Premium Rum Tasting Set is a perfect gift for any rum enthusiast. Made from the finest rums, this premium set features classic varieties from around the world. From a variety of Caribbean and Latin American rums, to a few of the world’s finest Scotch whiskeys, this set has something to offer all palates. The set comes with 4 rum varieties, each presented in 5cl miniature glass bottles. The rums included are Canary and Dolphins Dark (a Carribean blend), Lemon Libidos (a Venezuelan classic) and Imperial Old Rum (from Guyana). Also included is an information booklet about each variety, providing an in-depth look into its history, tasting profile and production method. Everything in the DBTD Premium Rum Tasting Set is expertly crafted for the ultimate indulgent experience. For the novice rum enthusiast, the set provides an in-depth look into the world of rum and encourages them to explore each variety further. While for more experienced tasters, this set will give them a perfect opportunity to refine their palate and find out which rums they love the most.

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