Dead Man's Fingers Coffee Rum
Dead Man's Fingers Coffee Rum

Dead Man's Fingers Coffee Rum

CODE: 836219
Volume: 750ML

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Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Rum is a unique blend of Caribbean rum that perfectly combines the bold flavors of coffee and rum. The idea behind the product is to create a rum drinker’s coffee, using the perfect balance of rum and coffee flavors to deliver a unique taste. The rum used for Dead Man’s Fingers is sourced from an old rum distillery in the Caribbean and is made of a blend of heavy and light rums, and aged for a minimum of one year in American oak barrels. This dark amber rum has a smooth and sweet coffee taste that’s offset by a bold and smoky rum punch. The coffee used in the blend is a rich and flavorful espresso that has been cold-brewed to release its full flavor. This blend is a unique blend of exotic flavors, and the complexity of the coffee and rum blend really adds to the overall taste of the drink.

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