Deadhead Rum 6 Year
Deadhead Rum 6 Year

Deadhead Rum 6 Year

CODE: 45351
Volume: 750ML

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Deadhead Rum 6 Year is a premium rum made from Panama's iconic sugarcane fields. This small batch beauty is made using molasses from first-press sugar and aged in ex-bourbon barrels for a minimum of six years. The dark russet color of Deadhead Rum 6 Year is reflective of the rich flavors found inside each sip. This 80-proof Caribbean sunshine packs a pleasant sweetness that's married with elements of vanilla, toffee, and fruity notes. This well-rounded rum delivers a smooth, creamy finish with a hint of oak on the end. Deadhead Rum 6 Year is perfect for sipping on its own, but also fits many cocktails. Try spicing up a classic mojito or other light summer cocktail by using this elegant rum. Give your daiquiri an extra edge of smooth and creamy flavor with Deadhead Rum 6 Year. Regardless of whether its mixed or served neat, Deadhead Rum 6 Year is sure to please with its smooth and complex flavor. You won't be disappointed if you include this classic sipper in your rum collection.

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