Deanston 12 Year Old 750ml
Deanston 12 Year Old 750ml

Deanston 12 Year Old 750ml

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Volume: 750ML

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Deanston 12 Year Old is a single malt Scotch whisky from the Deanston distillery in Scotland. This whisky is aged for 12 years in traditional oak casks and has a fragrant, fruity taste. The nose is sweet with hints of tropical fruits, apples, toffee, and a subtle hint of pepper. On the palate, creamy caramel and soft spices mingled with dried fruits, malty sweetness, and a hint of smoke. The finish is long and smooth with a slight nutty note and a sweet finish. The Deanston 12 Year Old is a complex whisky that can be drunk neat, on the rocks, or with a few drops of water. This is a great whisky for those who appreciate the nuances of different malt whiskies. It has a subtle balance of sweet and spice, with masterfully blended flavors that will delight any whisky connoisseur. This whisky is a great choice for sharing with friends or enjoying during a special occasion.

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