Deinhard Piesporter Riesling
Deinhard Piesporter Riesling

Deinhard Piesporter Riesling

CODE: 106328
Volume: 750ML

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Deinhard Piesporter Riesling is a bright, sweet white wine made from the aromatic Riesling grape variety. Grown in the famous Mosel Valley of Germany, this wine is fruity and fresh with juicy aromas and flavors of citrus, peach, apple, and stone fruits. The finish is soft and balanced with crunchy acidity and a hint of sweetness. Deinhard’s Piesporter Riesling is a great accompaniment to many foods, from spicy dishes to salads, fish, and creamy sauces. It is a wonderful aperitif, making a great addition to a cheese plate or a simply prepared seafood dinner. The wine has a crisp and mineral-infused palate, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy clean and balanced wines. It has great concentration of fruit and floral aromas and flavors, and the finish is long and lingering. With its classic flavor, Deinhard Piesporter Riesling is an enjoyable drinking experience and a great choice for any wine connoisseur. It is a very pleasant and easy-drinking wine that pairs well with many different dishes.

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