Dixons Flaming Caesar Vodka
Dixons Flaming Caesar Vodka

Dixons Flaming Caesar Vodka

CODE: 798248
Volume: 750ML

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Dixons Flaming Caesar Vodka is an award-winning Italian-style craft vodka made from fine organic grains and distilled through a unique filtration process. This quadruple-distilled vodka is hand-crafted in small batches and complex in flavor, with a hint of smokiness and burning embers from real American hardwood. The vodka is also blended with an electro-distilled aged balsamic vinegar made from wild Sicilian capers, that lend a distinct and savory flavor to the classic cocktail. This rich blend makes Dixons Flaming Caesar a perfect choice for any special occasion. The flavor of Dixons Flaming Caesar Vodka is like no other. Perfect for martinis, Manhattans, and everything in between, this vodka has a strong aroma and a smooth taste that is sure to please even the most discerning of tastes. The nose is sweet and slightly smoky, with hidden notes of dried herbs, licorice, wood, and cedar. The palate follows this up with a spicy finish and pleasantly lingering aftertaste.

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