Doc Swinson's Blender's Cut Brbn
Doc Swinson's Blender's Cut Brbn

Doc Swinson's Blender's Cut Brbn

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Volume: 750ML

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DOC SWINSON’S Blender’s Cut BRBN is a unique blended whiskey that offers an intriguing mix of flavor profiles. Developed by Dr. John Swinson, the whiskey is blended from a variety of different mash recipes that include Tennessee whiskey, bourbon, wheat whiskey, and rye whiskey. The whiskey is crafted with a distinct aging process that focuses on delivering an extraordinary balance of aroma, flavor and finish. The aroma hints of sweet oaky wood tones, while the taste offers a complex array of dried fruits, spices, and caramels. There is an underlying core of oak and charcoal, with a lightly smoky finish that lingers on the palate. DOC SWINSON’S Blender’s Cut BRBN is an elegant whiskey that entices one with its depth of flavor. Its mellow and inviting profile is perfect for a variety of whiskey cocktails from classic Old-Fashioned, to more modern creations. On the rocks or sipped neat at the bar, this whiskey’s remarkable complexity and craftsmanship make it a must-have for any whiskey aficionado.

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