Don Julio 70th
Don Julio 70th

Don Julio 70th

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Volume: 750ML

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Don Julio 70th is an ultra-premium tequila produced in Mexico. It is crafted from the highest quality of blue agave and is aged for over two and a half years in ex-bourbon barrels to achieve its unique flavor. The name "Don Julio" pays homage to the tequila's founder, Don Julio Gonzales, who started distilling tequila in 1942 and established "La Primavera Distillery" to produce it. Don Julio 70th is considered to be an ideal tequila for margaritas and other cocktails due to its smooth taste. It has notes of sweet agave, wood, dark fruit, and a creamy oak finish. Its golden hue and full body make it visually stunning and it leaves behind a pleasant aroma. The tequila is only available in limited quantities due to its exclusive ingredients and long aging process, and its limited supply drives up its price. Nonetheless, the cost of Don Julio 70th is considered to be worth it for those who appreciate good tequila.

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