Don Julio Blanco
Don Julio Blanco

Don Julio Blanco

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Volume: 375ML

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Don Julio Blanco tequila is a premium tequila crafted in the Highlands of Jalisco. Its crystal-clear, bright flavors are made from estate-grown Blue Agave, harvested at its peak ripeness, to create the purest of tastes. This silky smooth tequila is carefully crafted in the weeks and months following the harvest to create its signature taste. Its light, sweet taste makes it an excellent addition to margaritas and other cocktails, as well as a great sipping tequila. Don Julio Blanco tequila is triple-distilled and bottled in the same style as the classic Don Julio 1942 Añejo variety. This is done in order to capture and preserve the flavors from the agave plants, something that is very important to bring out the truly unique taste of each bottle. It is a product of years of exploration of different recipe combinations, as every sip provides an enveloping flavor and the knowledge of it being produced with a long-standing tequila making tradition. Not only does it boast amazing taste, it also feels smooth and light on the palate.

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