Dos Equis Xx Amber
Dos Equis Xx Amber

Dos Equis Xx Amber

CODE: 119735
Volume: 6*355ml

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DOS Equis XX Amber is a classic amber-style beer brewed in the traditional Mexican style. It was first released in the United States in 1977. The beer has a lightly sweet taste and a medium to full body with a nice, malty flavor. It contains 5.3 percent alcohol by volume. The amber color of the beer comes from the use of Munich, Caramel, and Vienna malts during the brewing process. DOS Equis XX Amber has a slightly bitter aftertaste with subtle hints of cocoa and caramelized sugar. DOS Equis XX Amber is a popular beer for flavoring Mexican dishes, such as enchiladas, as well as adding to slow cooked meats like beef stew. It is also perfect for sipping as a smooth and refreshing accompaniment to spicy foods. DOS Equis XX Amber can also be used in beer-based cocktails like a shandy or black and tan.

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