Double Barrel Islay/highland
Double Barrel Islay/highland

Double Barrel Islay/highland

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Volume: 710ML

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Double Barrel Islay/Highland whiskey is an innovative blend of single malt Scotch whisky, aged in ex-Islay and ex-Highland whisky barrels, created by boutique whisky company Speyside Distillery. This rare and remarkable concoction from Scotland's northernmost whisky distillery produces a unique set of flavors ranging from briny smokiness to rich, nutty sweetness. As a blend of both Islay and Highland single malt whisky, Double Barrel Islay/Highland Whiskey provides a balanced and complex whiskey experience. As an Islay/Highland blend, Double Barrel Islay/Highland whiskey has a unique combination of smokiness and sweetness. On the nose, its light but peaty aroma of smoked seaweed, smoldering peat and a hint of honey is blended with softly sweet scents of heather and grasses. Once in the mouth, the whiskey has intense flavors of smoldering peat smoke and hints of citrus, dried fruits, and molded sherry. On the finish, the whiskey is spicy, smoky with a touch of sweetness from the Highland malts.

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