Double Barrel Lowland/speyside
Double Barrel Lowland/speyside

Double Barrel Lowland/speyside

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Volume: 700ML

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The Double Barrel Lowland/Speyside is a unique combination of two popular whisky styles—Lowland and Speyside. This blend of whiskies has the warm and gentle flavor of the Lowland and the rich and spicy notes of the Speyside. This blend is very popular among whisky enthusiasts who appreciate the complexity of the two styles combined in one bottle. Unlike most popular whiskey styles, which rely heavily on malted barley, the Double Barrel Lowland/Speyside is made using a combination of malted and unmalted barley as its foundation, giving it an extra dimension of depth and flavor. The Lowland and Speyside whiskies also give the blend a delicious balance of vanilla and caramel flavors, along with velvety texture that coats the palate. The combination of the two styles creates a unique and complex flavor profile, which is an excellent choice for whiskies lovers looking for something truly special.

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