Driftwood - Fat Tug 4pk
Driftwood - Fat Tug 4pk

Driftwood - Fat Tug 4pk

CODE: 809993
Volume: 4*473mL

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Driftwood's Fat Tug 4-pack is a bright and lively IPA that will excite any beer-lover's taste buds. This highly hop-forward IPA is bursting with intense pine, citrus, and floral hop aromas and flavors. Fat Tug has a pale amber colour with a light caramel malt body and a crisp, refreshing finish. With 6.9% ABV, this West Coast IPA is robust yet balanced and not too overwhelming. Enjoy its balanced bitterness and finishes with a zesty citrus note. Despite its relatively high ABV, Fat Tug is surprisingly drinkable, making it a great beer to enjoy with friends and family. Its full-bodied taste also pairs particularly well with light to medium dishes, such as salads and salmon. Enjoy this beer year-round and savour the luxurious taste of Driftwood's Fat Tug 4-pack.

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