Dukang Mianrou 3 Xing
Dukang Mianrou 3 Xing

Dukang Mianrou 3 Xing

CODE: 696757
Volume: 460mL

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Dukang Mianguo 3 Xing (also known as ‘Three Star of the East’) is an aged spirit made from sorghum, an ancient grain that has been used in China for centuries. The spirit, which has been produced by the Dukang Distillery since 1805, is a light gold color that serves as a symbol of quality and refinement. The spirit is made using traditional Chinese fermentation and distilling methods, as well as modern techniques. This balance of new and old creates a flavor unique to the Dukang Distillery. The Dukang Mianguo 3 Xing spirit is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. It’s light, fresh flavor is characterized by a mellow sweetness in the background that’s complemented by complex notes of roasted grains, pear, honey and flowers. The finish is smooth and refreshing, creating a spirit that is not only easy to drink but also offers a distinguished taste. This delicate spirit has a long-standing reputation for being a drink of leaders and royalty, one which has kept its appeal among connoisseurs for over 200 years.

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