Edi Craigellachie - Bourbon
Edi Craigellachie - Bourbon

Edi Craigellachie - Bourbon

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Volume: 700ML

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Edi Craigellachie is a premium single malt Scotch whiskey, lovingly crafted in the Speyside region of Scotland. It is made from hand-selected, small batch distilleries and is the first to be finished exclusively in American Bourbon casks. The distillers at Craigellachie carefully select the best malted barley, water and yeast for both whisky production and character. The whiskey is then slowly distilled in traditional copper pot stills before being filled into American first-fill bourbon casks. After months of maturation, the whiskey is married in large oak vats for additional aging and flavor integration. The Elijah Craig Bourbon Cask Single Malt has a full-bodied, robust and sweet flavor. On the nose there are notes of sweet, nutty oak and toasted vanilla, which are met with a hint of fresh cherries and a light floral bouquet on the palate. The finish develops its smooth character with notes of maple, honey and nuts.

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