Edi Tamdhu
Edi Tamdhu

Edi Tamdhu

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Volume: 700ML

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EDI TAMDHU Scotch is a unique single malt whisky crafted from the Highlands in Scotland - situated in the Northern Highlands, near the Deveron and Spey Valleys. Using only the highest quality ingredients and traditional craftsmanship, EDI TAMDHU Scotch is aged in the finest sherry casks for a minimum of 10 years. The scotch retains an unparalleled depth of flavor, delivering rich tones of peat smoke, heather, honey, and citrus. The aroma of the EDI TAMDHU Scotch is complex and multi-layered, boasting warm aromas of dried fruits, wood smoke, and spices. The taste is robust and lingering, with a smoky, oaky finish. This is a whisky that allows for a truly memorable experience. It is best enjoyed neat, making sure to savor each sip. EDI TAMDHU Scotch is a great way to enjoy the unique flavors of Scotland in their purest form.

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