Edradour 10 Years Old 40%
Edradour 10 Years Old 40%

Edradour 10 Years Old 40%

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Volume: 700ML

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Edradour 10 Years Old 40% is an award-winning single malt whisky from Scotland's Edradour Distillery. This whisky is aged for a full ten years in American oak bourbon barrels before being bottled. It has a distinctively sweet and smoky flavor, with a rich golden color and a smooth finish. The aroma is sweet and buttery, with notes of honey, vanilla, and toasted oak. It is a great choice for sipping neat or adding to your favorite cocktails. On the palate, Edradour 10 Years Old has a strong but balanced flavor, with a hint of smoke, toasted nuts, and dark fruit. The finish is long, smooth, and dry. Despite its high alcohol content, Edradour 10 Years Old is surprisingly smooth and easy to drink. Its color is a deep copper-gold, and it has an inviting, vibrant aroma and a sweet flavor with a subtle hint of smoke. This whisky is complex and perfect for sipping neat or mixing into cocktails. It pairs well with soft cheeses, dark chocolates, and sweet desserts.

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