El Dorado 5 Yr Old Rum
El Dorado 5 Yr Old Rum

El Dorado 5 Yr Old Rum

CODE: 753635
Volume: 750ML

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El Dorado 5-Year-Old Rum is a blend of rums aged for at least 5 years in oak barrels. It is made in Guyana by none other than Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL). It is best served straight or on the rocks due to its smooth yet rich flavor. El Dorado 5 Year Old Rum begins with a combination of pot still and column still rums aged for five years or more in oak barrels. This mixture gives the rum an exceptional balance of delicacy and complexity. With each sip, you’ll get strong notes of cane sugar and molasses, which provide a sweet backbone. There are also hints of caramel, cocoa, oak, and almond that all work together to give El Dorado 5 Year Old Rum an unmistakable flavor. On the nose, you’ll get a sweet and spicy aroma that is mellowed out by hints of vanilla and cinnamon. The taste is equally complex and robust, with notes of ripe banana, coffee, and toffee.

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