Fahr Hefeweizen
Fahr Hefeweizen

Fahr Hefeweizen

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Volume: 6*355ml

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Fahr Hefeweizen is a popular brand of German wheat beer. The unique flavor of the malt and yeast combination creates a balanced, refreshing beer that is enjoyed by beer drinkers all over the world. The Hefeweizen style was first created in 1516 in Germany. This original wheat-beer recipe has been adapted over time to fit the taste of today's discerning beer drinkers. Fahr Hefeweizen derives its unique character from its high carbonation and citrusy flavor. Fahr Hefeweizen uses all-natural ingredients, including malted wheat, barley, hops, and yeast. The combination of these ingredients combine to create a crisp, refreshing wheat-beer that goes well with many different types of cuisine. The beer has an alcohol content of 4.9% ABV and is light and golden in color. The winter months are a great time to savor this unique wheat beer. The mildly tart flavor, the bright notes, and the sweet, malty aroma make it the perfect beer to warm up the winter chill.

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