Fallentimber - Mr. Pink
Fallentimber - Mr. Pink

Fallentimber - Mr. Pink

CODE: 858780
Volume: 4*355mL

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Fallentimber's Mr. Pink beer is a perfect choice for a refreshing and unique craft beer. This unique pale ale is brewed with blood oranges, coriander, and ginger. This flavorful, aromatic beer is perfectly balanced with the malt sweetness of the pale ale. The malty and slightly sweet flavor is a perfect complement to the blood oranges and ginger, making this beer stand out from the rest. The aroma of Mr. Pink beer is reminiscent of summer, with sweet oranges, light citrus, and spice. The flavors are smooth and complex, full of malt sweetness, bright citrus notes, and a hint of spice. The aftertaste of the beer is crisp and lingers nicely. Mr. Pink is an easy drinking beer that is light and refreshing, perfect for those hot, summer afternoons. It has a nice balance of malt sweetness and light citrus that is sure to satisfy. If you are looking for something unique and refreshing, Fallentimber's Mr. Pink beer is a great choice. The light citrus and malty sweetness makes this beer enjoyable and easy to drink.

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