Farmers Of Wine
Farmers Of Wine

Farmers Of Wine

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Farmers of Wine is a type of wine that is derived exclusively from small plots of land. This wine is the result of generations of families working and preserving vineyards in rural areas across Italy. The farmers of these small plots use traditional methods and, in some cases, age-old techniques to produce high-quality wines. In general, the farming of wine involves a sustainable practice of viticulture. The vine flowers are gathered in the autumn season and the grapes are hand-harvested and allowed to mature naturally. The grapes are then de-stemmed and gently squashed, leaving their skins and seeds intact before they are sent off to get fermented. The resulting product is then aged for several years in oak (or occasionally chestnut) barrels, which help bring out the unique characteristics of the particular grape used to make the wine. When the fermentation process is complete, these wines are bottled unfiltered, retaining the natural taste, aroma, and complexity of a deeply rooted terroir.

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