Fat Baron Syrah
Fat Baron Syrah

Fat Baron Syrah

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Volume: 750ML

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FAT BARON Syrah is a popular red varietal that is often described as being a bold, fruit-forward wine. It hails from the Barossa Valley in Australia, where some of the country’s best Syrah is grown. The FAT BARON Syrah is known for its intense flavors of dark berries, black pepper, roasted nuts, and a hint of sweet oak. It has a full bodied texture and a long, smooth finish. This is a wine that is perfect for any occasion, as it pairs well with many different dishes. In terms of aromas, the FAT BARON Syrah carries notes of spices, dark chocolate, mocha, and cedar. The mouthfeel is creamy and has a hint of acidity to it. On the palate, this wine has an abundance of firm tannins, which give this wine a lasting structure. Overall, FAT BARON Syrah is a great choice for anyone looking for a bold, full-bodied red that can pair well with a variety of dishes. The flavors and aromas of this classic varietal will never cease to amaze.

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