Faxe Strong 8%
Faxe Strong 8%

Faxe Strong 8%

CODE: 780948
Volume: 500ML

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Faxe Strong 8% beer is a strong lager brewed by the Faxe Brewery in Fakse, Denmark. This full-bodied beer has a deep, rich aroma of malt and hops that entices the taste buds. Poured from a clear bottle, Faxe Strong 8% produces a smooth and creamy head that coats the tongue with a light, yet distinctive flavor. The dark amber liquid carries a strong malt character with a fruity, hop-infused finish. Though it has a high alcohol content, Faxe Strong 8% doesn’t overpower the senses. Instead, the bold strength of the beer is balanced with a hint of sweetness and subtle hints of toasted malt. This full-flavored beer is ideal for social drinking with its smooth and balanced character. Whether it's paired with lighter lagers or enjoyed alone, Faxe Strong 8% makes a great companion. With its lightly tart character and malty notes, this beer is perfect for shared sipping or as a stand-alone treat.

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