Fernie Brewing Tackle Box 8-pack
Fernie Brewing Tackle Box 8-pack

Fernie Brewing Tackle Box 8-pack

CODE: 790703
Volume: 8*473mL

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The Fernie Brewing Tackle Box 8-Pack is a beer lover’s dream come true. This lovely collection includes eight of Fernie Brewing’s best-loved brews: Borrowed Time, Stonehammer Pilsner, Ridge Runner IPA, Grizzly Paw Pale Ale, Powder City Lager, Battle Axe Blonde Ale, Island Lake Hefeweizen, and Sleeping Giant Stout. With a variety of styles and colors, there’s something for everyone in this specially crafted eight-pack. The Tackle Box 8-Pack is made with high-quality ingredients for a smooth and full-flavored beer that’s perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re at a backyard BBQ or enjoying a nice dinner with friends, this carefully curated system of beer will make any event even more memorable. It includes popular beer styles like IPAs, lagers, ales, and stouts, so everyone in the group is sure to find a favorite.

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