Finlandia 750 Ml
Finlandia 750 Ml

Finlandia 750 Ml

CODE: 20362
Volume: 750ML

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Finlandia vodka is made with natural spring water that is naturally filtered through unique layers of clay, limestone and sand for a refreshing and full-bodied taste. Finlandia vodka is made using Finnish-grown six-row barley and is distilled just one time to keep its smooth, clean flavor as pure as possible. It is then filtered seven times through genuine Seven-Blade Arctic Charcoal to remove impurities and create a uniquely smooth finish. This vodka has a distinctively smooth and light taste with a subtle grain flavor and aromatic finish that is ideal for sipping or for creating delicious cocktails. Finlandia vodka is suitable for any occasion and is perfect for serving to those who appreciate a high-quality vodka. It makes an impressive gift for connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

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