Fireball 750ml
Fireball 750ml

Fireball 750ml

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Volume: 750ML

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Fireball is a cinnamon-flavored whiskey liqueur bottled at 33% alcohol by volume (66 proof). It has become a widely recognized liqueur among whiskey aficionados for its unique flavor, and is distributed in more than exclusive 25 countries. Fireball liqueur is a sweet and spicy blend of cinnamon whiskey and natural flavors. With its bold, warm taste, this liqueur is perfect for creating a wide range of sophisticated mixed drinks, or simply sipping it over ice. A 750 mL bottle of Fireball has about 17 servings, each with 1 oz. of liqueur. Fireball is typically served as an after-dinner toast in a shot or with other drinks as a mixer. A single shot of Fireball is approximately 76 calories per serving, making it a slightly healthier option than many of the higher-calorie drinks. The sweet and spicy aroma of Fireball is one of its most alluring qualities. Its unique mix of whiskey and natural flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves creates a distinctly warming flavor that’s both sweet and spicy.

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