Five Farms Irish Cream Liquor
Five Farms Irish Cream Liquor

Five Farms Irish Cream Liquor

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Volume: 750ML

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Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur from Ireland is a rich, smooth and creamy combination of fresh Irish cream, caramel, cocoa, vanilla and specially blended Irish whiskey. The result is a smooth and creamy flavor with hints of sweetness. Five Farms is made using fresh, naturally sourced cream from five family farms in County Cork, Ireland. The taste of Five Farms is meant to evoke the sensation of freshness and smoothness, leading to a unique and delightful flavor experience. Its rich taste makes it perfect for sipping neat, as well as for mixing into coffee, hot chocolate or specialty cocktails. Five Farms also pairs well with desserts, making it an ideal after-dinner digestif. Enjoy Five Farms for a smooth and creamy taste of Ireland.

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