Flatlander Sampler 4-pack
Flatlander Sampler 4-pack

Flatlander Sampler 4-pack

CODE: 836251
Volume: 4*355mL

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The Flatlander Sampler 4-Pack is a great way to sample four of the most popular craft beers brewed by Flatlander Brewing. This beer sampler includes four different craft beers, each of which offers a unique flavor profile. The four beers in each 4-Pack are Flatlander McGovern’s Märzen, Flatlander Berliner Weisse, Flatlander IPA and Flatlander Smoked Porter. McGovern’s Märzen has a malt-forward flavor with a touch of spiciness. The Berliner Weisse is light, crisp and tart with a high carbonation. The IPA is packed with hop flavors and aromas. Finally, the Smoked Porter brings a unique smokiness to the mix. In addition to the great range of flavors in this 4-Pack, brewing with quality ingredients like fresh hops and malts are what make Flatlander Brewing’s beers so delicious. Each beer in the Flatlander Sampler 4-Pack is full-flavored, well-crafted and enjoyable.

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