Flying Dutchman No. 3 (aged Rum 3yo)
Flying Dutchman No. 3 (aged Rum 3yo)

Flying Dutchman No. 3 (aged Rum 3yo)

CODE: 783818
Volume: 700ML

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The Flying Dutchman No. 3 (aged rum 3yo) is a premium, white, Caribbean rum that is aged for three years in select bourbon casks. The long aging process mellows the rum and brings out its unique flavour profile. The rum is golden in colour and has a complex nose with subtle notes of oak, caramel, and sweet vanilla. The taste is full-bodied and smooth, with notes of dark fruit, butterscotch, and spice. The finish is long, warm, and slightly dry with lingering notes of oak and spice. This rum is made in small batches with superior quality ingredients, and each batch is blended to achieve a balance of flavour and complexity. It is bottled in an elegant and sustainable glass bottle, and the brand has pledged to donate 10% of their profits to conservation efforts that help to preserve the pristine Caribbean environment. The Flying Dutchman No. 3 is versatile enough to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks for a smooth and balanced drinking experience, or it can be used to add depth and complexity to cocktails with mixers like cola, ginger beer, or lime. For all the spirit aficionados out there, this rum is a must-try!

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