Foothills Gluten Free Vodka
Foothills Gluten Free Vodka

Foothills Gluten Free Vodka

CODE: 774526
Volume: 750ML

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Foothills Gluten Free Vodka is an award-winning spirit offered by Foothills Distillery, located in Tryon, North Carolina. Foothills craft spirits are distilled in small batches, using pure, North Carolina sourced grains and locally harvested fruits. Nothing more than artfully-crafted care goes into every bottle produced. Foothills Gluten Free Vodka has been awarded a double gold medal for being one of the highest-rated gluten-free vodkas in the world. Unlike other gluten-free vodkas, Foothills uses locally-sourced, spring water to give it an unbelievably smooth and refreshing finish. The combination of this spring water and the pure grains used in crafting the vodka gives it a clean and robust taste, with a hint of sweet vanilla aroma. Foothills Gluten Free Vodka is great for use in cocktails, and makes a wonderful addition to a variety of recipes. It's also excellent on its own, and can be taken on the rocks, with a simple splash of soda, or as the base for a perfect martini. Make sure to enjoy Foothills Gluten Free Vodka responsibly!

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