G&m Distillery Label Ardmore 2000
G&m Distillery Label Ardmore 2000

G&m Distillery Label Ardmore 2000

CODE: 870958
Volume: 700ML

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G&M Distillery Label Ardmore 2000 is a single malt whisky crafted by the renowned Gordon & MacPhail distillery—the lineage of which dates back to 1895 in Elgin, Scotland. The Ardmore 2000 is a unique, one-of-a-kind whisky that has been fully matured in refill hogsheads for an incredible 16 years, creating a unique and complex flavor profile. This whisky is light in color, with a smooth, sweet taste, and a delicately balanced aroma of smoke, freshly cut grass, and hint of citrus. Its flavor is complex and smooth, with a blend of medium and light spices, creamy vanilla, and delicate smoke. It’s a whisky of exquisite quality that can easily be sipped from a glass or used to make an excellent accompaniment to a cigar. Those who choose to enjoy this exquisite malt will appreciate its remarkable smoothness. The finish is a mingling of sweet subtle notes of coconut, dark caramel, and gentle smokiness. This whisky is a testament to the skill and craftsmanship that goes into making great Scotch whisky, and is perfect for those looking to enjoy something special and unique.

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