Gibson's Finest Sterling
Gibson's Finest Sterling

Gibson's Finest Sterling

CODE: 189217
Volume: 750ML

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Gibson's Finest Sterling is an award-winning Canadian blended whiskey that has become a popular choice among many whiskey lovers. It is produced by the renowned scotch house, Gibson's Finest, in Ontario, Canada. They use a century-old whiskey-making tradition to ensure that the final product is of a superior quality. Gibson's Finest Sterling Whiskey combines five distinct Canadian whisky blends. These include rye, corn, barley, wheat and malted barley. Together, the blends provide a rich, flavourful concoction that is smooth to the palate. The whisky also contains finer elements, including butterscotch, vanilla, caramel, and some subtle sweet fruits. The flavours contribute to a balanced whisky that stands out from other blended whiskeys. This Canadian whiskey also comes in several variations, including Fine Oak and Master Blend. Gibson's Finest Sterling Fine Oak is made with mature whiskies and aged in special oak casks for over 7 years. The combination provides a more sophisticated, bolder flavour with hints of spice. The Master Blend is blended to give a smooth and mellow flavour.

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