Gigglewater Prosecco Doc_750ml
Gigglewater Prosecco Doc_750ml

Gigglewater Prosecco Doc_750ml

CODE: 791849
Volume: 750ML

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Gigglewater Prosecco DOC is a sparkling wine from Veneto in Italy. It is made of Prosecco grapes collected from the hillsides of Veneto region. The Prosecco grapes are picked early and immediately pressed upon harvest, and then carefully cold fermented at a controlled temperature. The sparkling wine is aged for six weeks before bottling. Gigglewater Prosecco DOC has a pleasant and complex aroma with notes of golden apples, white peach, fresh citrus and floral notes. The taste is refreshing with a lively yet delicate carbonation and notes of melon, green apple and honey. The wine has a light body and a pleasant finish with a hint of sweetness. Gigglewater Prosecco DOC is best enjoyed on its own, as an aperitif or paired with slighty sweet desserts. It is also ideal for entertaining, with its light, refreshing taste and elegant packaging. The 750mL bottle is perfect for sharing and makes it the perfect party or celebration beverage.

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