Gigglewater Prosecco Rose_750ml
Gigglewater Prosecco Rose_750ml

Gigglewater Prosecco Rose_750ml

CODE: 845517
Volume: 750ML

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Gigglewater Prosecco Rosé is an eye-catching sparkling drink from Genuine Classics Wine Company, a trusted producer of quality wine and bubbly. This elegant sparkling rosé has notes of ripe melon and fresh citrus, and a slightly creamy, almond-like finish. It's perfect for any occasion, whether you're entertaining, celebrating, or just enjoying a night in with friends. With its light, effervescent body and vibrant pink hue, Gigglewater Prosecco Rosé would be a delightful addition to any table. Gigglewater Prosecco Rosé is made from Pinot Noir grapes grown in two areas of Italy. The wine is cooled during fermentation which preserves the fresh fruit aromas in the grape juice. After fermentation, the wine undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle giving it a signature sparkling, effervescent character. The result is a light, bubbly rosé with delicate aromas of cherry blossom, fresh melon, and lemon rind.

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