Girls' Night Out Strawberry Samba
Girls' Night Out Strawberry Samba

Girls' Night Out Strawberry Samba

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Volume: 750ML

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A girls’ night out strawberry samba is a fun, fruity twist on a traditional girls’ night out. This boozy twist on the classic samba dance adores a tangy strawberry vodka base that can be topped with sparkling wine for a refreshing mix that’s perfect for enjoying with friends. To make this delicious beverage, you’ll need to prep the ingredients. Start by mashing fresh strawberries and adding them to a pitcher along with strawberry vodka and lime juice. Stir these together, then add sparkling wine, and while the mixture is sweet and tart, you may choose to add some simple syrup to further sweeten the mix. Pour the strawberry samba into 8 to 10 glasses that have been filled with ice and splashed with sparkling water. Serve with your favorite fresh fruit as garnish and a straw for everyone so they can sip in style. The girls’ night out strawberry samba is the perfect way to take the party up a notch and celebrate whatever occasion you’re together celebrating. And of course, there’s no better way to show your girls you care than with a special cocktail night.

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