Glayva Liqueur 750ml
Glayva Liqueur 750ml

Glayva Liqueur 750ml

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Volume: 750ML

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Glayva is a unique Scotch liqueur found in Scotland. The sweet liqueur is made with a blend of whisky, honey, spices, oranges, and almonds. The unique flavor earned it multiple awards, including a Gold Medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition. Glayva is a smooth and sophisticated liqueur that has become a favorite for many Scotch enthusiasts. The liqueur has a rich, sweet, and spicy flavor that pairs perfectly with a variety of foods. The 75cl bottle of Glayva Liqueur is perfect for sipping, mixing with cocktails, or blending with a variety of dessert dishes. It can also be used in baking to add a unique twist to any recipe. The unique flavor and quality of Glayva has made it a favorite among many Scotch lovers across the globe. Whether you’re enjoying it as a luxurious sipping liqueur, creating a craft cocktail, or using it in a baking recipe, you’re sure to enjoy its smooth yet complex flavor. With a bottle of Glayva in your liquor cabinet, you’ll be sure to add a unique flavor to any occasion.

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