Glencadam 2012 Wa
Glencadam 2012 Wa

Glencadam 2012 Wa

CODE: 862933
Volume: 700ML

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The GlenCadam 2012 WaItks is one of Scotland's oldest and most revered single malt whiskies, and it's also one of the few that is made in a traditional, longer crafting process. For this limited edition whisky, the distillers at Glencadam began crafting the whisky in the fall of 2012 and bottled it once it fully matured and reached peak flavour nine years later in the spring of 2021. The whisky is made with only the finest local malted barley, which creates a rich, smooth, and quite complex spirit. The GlenCadam WaItks is a pale gold incolour, with a distinctive and vibrant nose of honey, apples, oak and spice. On the palate, it is incredibly smooth with hints of vanilla and pepper, and subtle flavors of oak and sherry. The whisky's finish is smooth and delicate, leading way to a pleasing, long lingering aftertaste.

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