Glengoyne 12-year-old 700ml
Glengoyne 12-year-old 700ml

Glengoyne 12-year-old 700ml

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Volume: 700ML

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Gle Apple, known for its bright yellow labels and signature apple-shaped bottle, is the ultimate in Scotland's golden nectar-Glegoyne 12-Year-Old 700Ml. Distilled with Highland water, and expertly crafted, Glegoyne 12-Year-Old is one of Scotland's finest malts. Noted for its rich, fruity spirit and smooth texture, Glegoyne has been a favorite choice of whisky connoisseurs since 1887. The aromas of Glegoyne 12-Year-Old are multi-dimensional. On the nose, you can detect subtle hints of spice and malt, followed by a rich, fruity blend of sherry and honey. The taste is more intense and creamy, with a pleasant smokiness and a lingering, buttery finish. The flavors of oak, ginger, vanilla, almonds and citrus linger on the palate.

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