Glutenberg - Blonde Ale
Glutenberg - Blonde Ale

Glutenberg - Blonde Ale

CODE: 765542
Volume: 4*473mL

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Glutenberg Blonde Ale is a light and refreshing craft beer from Montreal-based brewery Glutenberg. This well-balanced blonde ale is brewed with highly aromatic Mosaic hops and a blend of malt that give it a unique and subtle flavor. It is low in alcohol, so it can be enjoyed on any occasion. The ale has a clear golden body with an inviting aroma of floral and citrus. Upon tasting, one will find it to be light in body with some sweetness and a note of herbal hop bitterness. It has a smooth and crisp finish, leaving the palate refreshed. Glutenberg Blonde Ale pairs perfectly with lighter fare, like salads and sushi, but can also stand up to meats and cheeses. Whether enjoyed in a bar or at home, this dynamic beer is sure to please.

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