Gosling's Gold Seal Rum Dp
Gosling's Gold Seal Rum Dp

Gosling's Gold Seal Rum Dp

CODE: 808757
Volume: 750ML

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Gosling's Gold Seal Rum is an award-winning premium rum created by Bermuda's oldest and most renowned family-owned distillery, the Gosling Brothers. Since 1806, the Gosling Brothers have been producing high-quality rum that has become a long-term mainstay in the rum-making world. Gosling's Gold Seal Rum is unique in that it is aged for a full 14 years in small, white oak barrels, creating a truly complex flavor. This smooth, rich blend of rum has won numerous awards, including gold medals from the Caribbean Challenge Tasting Competition, the World Rum Awards, and the International Cane Spirits Challenge. In addition to its delicious flavor, Gold Seal Rum is also noted for its gorgeous golden hue, adding to its considerable appeal. Gosling's Gold Seal Rum has a sweet aroma with notes of vanilla and toffee, while its flavor is dominated by smokiness and oak, with a long, smooth finish. Enjoy it neat or on the rocks, or use it to add a flavorful twist to your favorite mixed drink.

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