Grant's Sherry Cask 8yo
Grant's Sherry Cask 8yo

Grant's Sherry Cask 8yo

CODE: 829369
Volume: 750ML

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Grant’s Sherry Cask 8yo is a smooth blended whisky with a light and pleasant taste. It has a rich amber colour and is matured for eight years in ex-Sherry casks. The whisky has a sweet, fruity nose with hints of spicy oak and sweet sherry notes. The flavour of this whisky is complex with raisins, brown sugar, and a hint of roasted hazelnuts. The finish is soft with a lingering hint of dried fruits. This whisky is great to enjoy neat or with a splash of water. It pairs well with dark chocolate and fruity desserts. Grant’s Sherry Cask 8yo is an ideal whisky for those who want a smooth sip with a complexity of flavours. This whisky packs a smooth, sophisticated punch and will not disappoint.

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