Gray Monk Pinot Noir
Gray Monk Pinot Noir

Gray Monk Pinot Noir

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Volume: 750ML

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Gray Monk Pinot Noir is a medium-bodied, full-bodied red wine produced by the Gray Monk Estate Winery in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. This lush, velvety, and intensely aromatic wine is crafted from the winery's own estate-grown Pinot Noir grapes. The wine offers a wonderful expression of the varietal's complex cherry, raspberry, plum and spice flavors, and of the winery's approach to emphasis finesse and balance in its wines. When properly cellared, this Pinot Noir will continue to develop deeper complexity as it matures. On the palate, the depth and richness of the flavors mingle with a velvety texture and tantalizing tannins. Gray Monk Pinot Noir is an ideal partner for earthy roasted poultry, game, and mushrooms. For heavier dishes such as steak or hearty pasta, the winery's Merlot is recommended.

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