Great King Street Glasgow Blend 750ml
Great King Street Glasgow Blend 750ml

Great King Street Glasgow Blend 750ml

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Volume: 750ML

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Great King Street Glasgow Blend is a blended Scotch Whiskey. It is a combination of crafted malt whiskies from Scotland's best-known distilleries. This expertly blended Scotch whisky is a staple in many whisky bars and discerning households across the world. This Scotch is a rich and malty dram boasting an unexpected sweetness that is ultimately mellowed with the addition of smoke and spice, making it ideal for enjoyed neat or over ice. The blend is crafted with malt whisky from Islay, Speyside, Highlands, and the Lowlands to balance fruitiness with smoky and spicy notes. Phenols offer a hint of smoke, while toasted oak and hints of sweet vanilla bring a depth of flavor and sweetness that lingers on the palate. The result is a smooth and mellow Scotch that is sure to impress any Scotch connoisseur. The history of Great King Street Scotch dates back to 1903, when a Glasgow-born baker and entrepreneur named James Smart created the original blend. Today, the brand is owned and held by Compass Box Whisky Co, a Scotch whiskey maker that strives to revolutionize the whisky industry with innovative mixtures.

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