Grey Goose La Vanille
Grey Goose La Vanille

Grey Goose La Vanille

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Grey Goose La Vanille is a premium flavored vodka from the well-known French vodka brand, Grey Goose. It is infused with natural vanilla flavors, creating a smooth and sweet tasting vodka that is perfect for a variety of cocktails and drinks. The creamy, vanilla taste of Grey Goose La Vanille is balanced with a subtle hint of spice, creating a mellow and inviting vodka with a touch of luxury and sophistication. In addition to its smooth and sweet flavor, Grey Goose La Vanille also has a distinguished look that stands out in the vodka aisle. The signature bottle features a golden label with a collection of delicate, white orchids. The design has an elegant, understated style, that screams luxury and quality at the same time. To capitalize on the flavor combination, Grey Goose La Vanille has become the source of a variety of cocktails and recipes. The natural sweetness of the vodka pairs beautifully with a range of mixers and juices, like orange juice, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, and coconut water. It also has a great kick with ginger ale or ginger beer. La Vanille is also an excellent addition to creamy and dessert-style cocktails, like the classic White Russian or a vodka-infused milkshake.

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