Grolsch 12 X 330ml Bottles
Grolsch 12 X 330ml Bottles

Grolsch 12 X 330ml Bottles

CODE: 696898
Volume: 12*330ML

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Grolsch 12 x 330ml Bottles are full-strength beer bottles that are full of bold European beer flavor. The Grolsch style beer is brewed in the Netherlands, and it has a distinctive flavor that is a full, malty flavor with a sharp hop finish. A great choice for those who enjoy a full-bodied beer, Grolsch provides a full range of colors, smells and tastes which make it a very enjoyable beer to drink. The bottles are 330ml in size, making them the perfect size for an easy-to-transport beer. They come in a convenient 12-pack, so you can stock up for your next party or social gathering. With its light amber color and aromas of malt and hops, Grolsch is an ideal beer for just about any occasion. It is a great choice for sipping while enjoying a night out or a weekend gathering.

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