Growers Clementine Pineapple
Growers Clementine Pineapple

Growers Clementine Pineapple

CODE: 801426
Volume: 6*355ml

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Growers Clementine Pineapple Beer is a fruity craft beer perfect for those looking to quench their thirst during summer days. Made with both Clementine zest and Pineapple juice, this beer has a unique, flavorful profile that combines citrus with a hint of tart pineapple for a balanced and refreshing taste. The aroma of citrus is accentuated by a slight sweetness from the pineapple, making it an incredibly enjoyable beer. Its bright, golden-yellow hue is a perfect representation of the fruity flavors. Growers Clementine Pineapple Beer is a perfect beer for those hot summer days as it is light and easy to drink. At 4.5 percent ABV, it won’t leave you feeling too weighed down while still providing just enough alcohol content to be satisfying. It is a perfect way to cool down and enjoy a beer with a refreshing fruity twist. Overall, Growers Clementine Pineapple Beer is an excellent craft beer choice. Its bright and complex flavors make it an enjoyable beer to enjoy on its own, or with friends. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing summer day beer or a unique flavor profile, Growers Clementine Pineapple Beer will be sure to satisfy.

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